Recommended anime



(da-te da-te mon) Naruto Namikaze’s expression,The next Hokage (fire mode shadow) He seem to have a trauma & loneliness in his childhood.
The poor guy was teikito Means hateful,Kyuubi ( Naruto’s nickname) is a kind & genius but a little naughty & funny ( hard gay style) He likes to be with Sasuke ( Sasuke stalker) He has Failed the final ninja academy test 3 times,everybody is made fun of him Telling him ( his penis is getting bigger) means he is lazy to study the techniques Because he didn’t take the lesson’s seriously.But even Naruto has no chance of winning the battle,still his trying his very best to win it.




Monkey D. Luffy was a rubber man he endowed this stretching powers when he was a child from the legendary gum-gum Devil’s Fruit.
His ambition is to be a King of pirate’s,he left his hometown and started his journey to the sea.On his way he met a straved man (Roronoa Zoro) he gave him a rice ball with a mud,he then join the group.
on their journey,A thief woman who steals from the man Buggy join their group but Buggy want’s to get back his gold.Luffy defeat Buggy then the Straw Pirate got the gold.




“The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya” the Blockbuster of 2006 was remake in 2009.It is Broadcast weekly of each episode of the 2006 edition except the 8th episode inserted a new key point of the story.
All 28 episode of 2006 edition plus the 2009 edition was broadcast.Haruhi Suzumiya a high school freshmen girl who is bored everyday,she then drag kyon her classmate and a couple of new friends to search for an adventure,she name her group as S.O.S.





Burma had collected the 2 legendary Dragonball,he met Jitchang and Goku then started their journey finding the 3rd & 4th Dragonball,They met Oolong,Yamcha & Puer.After their Victory they found the 4th Dragonball in the flower garden.







Universal Century 0079-Space Colony Side 3 (claming by Zeon)has been waging a war of independence in the Earth Federation.War’s death more than a half of the human race,had now stalled.Zeon’s Liutenant Commander Char Aznable’s military sense the movement was suspicious.He send the Mobile Suit “Zaku” and the 3 aircraft towards the reconnaissance.

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