Princess Lover! Blu-ray BOX (Available overseas・За границей отправка возможно



It is a popular item. There is only one stock. Please click the image.
IntroductionThis one is very popular.We have the right for Japanese Amazon to ship overseas.(Я право Японии Амазонки поставляется в зарубежные нас есть.)
A sudden celebrity from the ordinary people suddenly! Husband of the boy who got to debut in a sociable circle, a gorgeous love story … with a spectacular life and lovely girls …! Is it?
The animated TV anime “Princess Lover!”, Which recorded a huge hit sales by animating the “Ricotta” PC game that became a big hit, will be released as a highly anticipated Blu-ray BOX! It is!

★ “Shugo Chara!” “Macross F” director · Hatsune Kanazawa’s first director work!
The animation which the director who handled a very popular work on satellite is full of highlights! Veteran series composition – Makoto Nakamura exquisitely assisted!
The same production team as TV anime “Student Council officer” that got well received! It is!

★ The debut work that the up-and-coming production studio “GoHands” which gathered creators who were active in numerous works gathered a whirlwind!

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