Strike Witches Diary at the front Major Sakamoto Mio” drama Blu Ray BOX [Japan Import] (2012)

Strike Witches There is a ( place ) sky I want to return . Blockbuster thanks ! ” Strike Witches The Movie ” , Blu-ray & DVD of the long-awaited ! Popular anime series in which the second stage is TV aired the first phase in 2008 , the 2010 ” Strike Witches ” It then established the first day mobilization new record of Kadokawa Cinema Shinjuku , completely new animation spring of 2012 , was published at last ” Strike Witches The Movie ” will continue to update still topped ! 200 million yen attendance 150,000 Xing yield this work , which became a huge hit , decision Blu-ray & DVD long-awaited luxury full benefits ! ◆ Benefits Luxury Special offer : ” 501st Fighter Wing integration activities all photos Record” → familiar ” 501st Fighter Wing integrated whole record ” is , activity appeared ! Miyafuji us in the theater version specification , adhesion coverage ! Cover drawn Shimada Fumikane course the witch around the world on TV series Blu-ray · DVD ! Luxury benefits 2 : “CD voice hidden 501st Fighter Wing integration activities photograph” → ” recording ! – The voice upcoming secret of voice CD ~ girls hidden ” It was a very popular TV series Blu-ray · DVD and night Witch Haidemari Hattori static summer and strongest of character new version theater ! The theater version specification I send secretly talking through the barrel hidden ! Gorgeous privilege 3 : ! Blockbuster thanks ” support art book ” up and down winding pocket edition Luxury 4 benefits : theater brochure pocket edition → of the illusion that after publication , was a gift to commemorate the big hit and ” support art book ” up and down volume , theater brochure very popular , a total of three books is back in the pocket edition of plush content ! Illustrations double digipack and triple cover storing BOX Specifications: 5 luxurious benefits → was used on both sides illustrations drawn Shimada Fumikane – Takamura Kazuhiro , in both name , even ultra-luxury double illustration digipack ! , To put away the benefits of numerous and the digipak , the special three-way back BOX full of profound feeling ! Ticket application event ticket purchase priority : 6 luxurious benefits → case get a ticket faster than inclusion ! Where the ticket application event ticket purchase priority to be held Fukuen Misato ( Miyafuji ) , Yoko Ishida ( theme song ) Other appearances at Zepp Tokyo! Event for more information and follow-up of future Check ! Picture privilege : 3 / 17 opening day stage greeting & 4 /8 blockbuster thanks stage greeting video ( only BD), various types of PV · spot video collection (BD · DVD Common)

Is the First Press Limited Edition domestic regular version. It is a very precious commodity. Please click the image. In addition, anywhere in the world I have, so will be able to deliver.

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